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In August we will meet again in Medzev for the "Families Do Sport" day

Created: 6/22/2016
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Category: Employees

This will already be the tenth edition of the popular Company sports event. It is intended for the employees of U. S. Steel Košice, including the subsidiaries, and their families, and this year it takes place on August 13, at the Training Center in Medzev. "The central idea of the day is to bring parents and their children together for a shared sports occasion,” says Marianna Belušková from the Unit of Director Public Affairs U. S. Steel Košice. "Soccer, streetball, table tennis, bowling and darts will be competition disciplines this year. The registration starts on July 4, and it is possible to register via the Intranet."

You can learn more and be regularly updated on the day full of sports, entertainment and games in Oceľ východu.            


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