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Košice Fairy-tale Christmas starts

Created: 12/10/2015
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Category: Community

The Košice Fairy-tale Christmas has already started. On Friday, 4 December, City Major Mr. Richard Rašiand U. S. Steel Košice Vice President External Affairs, Management and Business Development Mr. Miroslav Kiraľvarga, together with St. Nicholas, his suite and Firefly opened the celebrations from the stage near the Immaculata memorial. Shortly after 5:00 pm Firefly lighted up not only the Christmas tree but also the whole illuminated Christmas decoration in the historic center of the East Slovakian metropolis.

“We visit Hlavná Street this time every year. Our son cannot wait. When St. Nicholas comes here, he will come to our house too. Maybe tomorrow. Our boots are polished and ready,” says Mr. Timur Horbaj with a smile. We met him later near the U. S. Steel Košice charity hut, where the Union of Mutual Help of People and Dogs animal shelterstaff were the first organization presenting their activity. “We are quite successful, we have a full house here,” says Mrs. Romana Šerfelová, the manager of the shelter when we asked her about the interest of the passers-by in the activities of the shelter. The dogs from the shelter commanded respect, but everybody wanted to stroke them anyway. We found a lot of people around the hut selling the Mayor´s Punch, served by Mayor Raši himself, assisted by Mrs. Renáta Lenártová, the Deputy Mayor, and Mr. Miroslav Kiraľvarga. The proceeds from the sales of punch will help four selected NGOs. If you haven´t visited Hlavná Street yet, take some time and come to feel the miracle of the coming Christmas. And don´t miss out our hut. Thirteen organizations involved in community service will be presenting their activities to the public till 22 December.       



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