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Last year medalists did not disappoint

Created: 1/30/2017
Author: Milan KATUNSKÝ
Category: Employees

The second event in the Winter Sports Games for U. S. Steel Kosice employees was the cross-country skiing competition. The “white track” races took place on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at Kojšovská hoľa.

The starting line-up consisted of 36 racers competing in two age categories for women and four categories for men. The greatest interest as usual was in the category for men over 62 years of age.

All the women and the men over 55 competed on the 4 km circuit, while racers up to 55 years of age used the 10 km track.   As expected, last year's medalists fared best on this track, confirming their running skills once again and deservedly winning valuable trophies. In the women's category up to 50 years, the top three places were taken by: 1. Lucia Petrovičová (Finance) 2. Helena Ondejková and 3. Katarina Vojaček (both IT), and in the women over 50 years’ category: 1. Erika Linkeschová (Human Resources) 2. Hildegarda Diószegiová (Labortest) and 3. Alžbeta Tiszová (Commercial).

Men under 45: 1. Tomáš Mády (Transport), 2. Gabriel Vince (Cokery), 3. Jozef Jasso (HRM), men up to 55 years: 1. Milan Lacko (Security), 2. Daniel Kapák (IT) 3. Jozef Kaleta (RMS), men up to 62 years: 1. Jozef Sciranko (Finishing), 2 Imrich Gaľa (Steel Plants), men over 62 years: 1. Michal Dutko (Finishing), 2. Peter Horňák and 3. Daniel Riemer (both retired).

For the complete photo gallery and results, visit Cross-Country Skiing 2017.


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