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Let us help them to help

Created: 2/3/2016
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U. S. Steel Košice Foundation can fulfill its mission also thanks to us

Everyone of us can endeavor to benefit others, support the implementation of public welfare projects, development of the health care system, sporting, cultural, humanitarian, and educational activities -  and all this through two or three percent of paid tax from our incomes which we will give to authorized organizations and institutions for the above purposes.  This year the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation is among those organizations which seek our favor. For thirteen years now it has been supporting implementation of public benefit activities in a transparent manner also thanks to financial contributions from the employees' taxes.

"The U. S. Steel Košice Foundation will use the sent financial resources to support the children of the Company's employees involved in sporting and educational projects, foster homes, and halfway houses between Prešov and Košice, as well as other projects," says Foundation Administrator Slávka Tvrdoňová.

If you decide to help the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation in realizing its objectives, please fill in the pre-printed form "Declaration of 2 or 3% allocation of natural person's paid income tax, which is available on the Intranet, as well as in the "Oceľ východu" stands and at the plant gates, and submit them to your payroll accountant by April 22, 2016.

The following information will certainly help all those who are interested in this support.

Business name or name:
U. S. Steel Košice Foundation

Registered office:
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel, 044 54 Košice

Legal form:

Company Identification Number (IČO):

In case you decide for another organization, you have to submit to the respective tax office at the place of your permanent residence the completed form "Declaration of 2 or 3% allocation of natural person's paid income tax" along with the certificate of salaried person’s tax payment issued by your employer.                                    


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