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May we be healthy, and by making steel wealthy

Created: 1/11/2017
Category: 01/2017

While on December 31st the people of Košice were preparing at home or at their chalets, in restaurants or on the Main Street, with their families and relatives or their friends, to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, hundreds of steelmakers were making their way to the works for the night shift, to take over from their colleagues on the production lines.

As is now traditional, the top managers of U. S. Steel Košice came to see them in, shake their hands and wish them the best of health, luck and success in 2017. Accompanying Company President Scott Buckiso in greeting the arriving steelmakers as well as those leaving from the afternoon shift were Vice Presidents Marcel Novosad, Miroslav Kiraľvarga, Martin Pitorák and Richard C. Shank and labor union leader Juraj Varga. The congratulating group once again naturally included Košice City Mayor Richard Raši.


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