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Meeting of noble-minded people

Created: 12/23/2015
Author: Iveta FIALOVÁ
Category: 26/2015

In the early evening before the Christmas holidays several steelmakers received the highest awards of the Slovak Red Cross 

Finding a peaceful island in the hectic pre-Christmas days is not easy, but still some places where your mind gets refreshed can nevertheless be found. Such a place has for years been the ceremonial hall of the Old Town district in Košice, where generous people, blood donors, meet just at the end of each year. As traditionally, the Slovak Red Cross, Košice City Regional Branch, took care of the ceremony at this year's meeting involving the presentation of awards, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, December 15, 2015. This time, they invited young people from the Jan Amos Comenius Lutheran grammar school and members of the Chorus Comenianus choir to perform in their midst. Not only to sing lovely Christmas songs but also, as Lucia Cangárová, Chairwoman of the Košice City Regional Branch of  the Slovak Red Cross said: "Because the school actively promotes blood donoring, and in this way brings together increasing numbers of young people in the city who intend to help others year by year."  This fact is also proven by the "Students' Drop of Blood" initiative. Whereas in the first year 120 girls and boys arrived at the blood-giving event, an average of 1,200 young people have been coming in the last few years. In total, this event has taken place twenty-one times.  Because they show the same cheerful attitude as the young people, respect and gratitude are also owed to the unpaid blood donors from U. S. Steel Košice, who form the largest group of donors in the city.  They do not miss out on any acknowledgment as blood donors. Last week, several of them came to receive the highest awards of the Slovak Red Cross: the Medal of Prof. Ján Kňazovický for a hundred donations of blood and the Diamond Plaque of Dr. Jan Janský for eighty donations (men) and sixty donations (women). 


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