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New look for old well

Created: 10/28/2015
Author: Richard DREISIG, Photo: Author
Category: 22/2015

"Together for Region" program grant also used in Kostoľany nad Hornádom

In March this year, the old municipal well in Kostoľany nad Hornádom was covered with concrete panels and weeds. Today, everything has changed. This piece of village heritage has changed beyond recognition, and is now surrounded with beautiful flowerbeds. It has been restored thanks to a grant from the "Together for Region" program, announced each year by U. S. Steel Košice and the Carpathian Foundation.

The local people do not know the exact year of the well's origin, although it can be seen in historical photos from the beginning of the twentieth century.  The well separates the main road from the municipal stream, and it was used by the residents of central Kostoľany in the past. "Currently, the well is not used as a potable water source, as we're still waiting for the chemical analysis.  However, this alternative is considered for the future," says Mr. Anton Medvec, the mayor and main coordinator of the restoration work, revealing the plans for the well.   "First the well was uncovered and freed of earth deposits and weeds. We tried to preserve the original design according to the historical photos. The wooden shelter was installed above the well, and currently we are trying to put the well into operation. Installation of a chain with a bucket is the last thing," the mayor said.  They commenced work in April this year. Five all-day volunteer sessions have since been organized during weekends. Smaller groups of volunteers have been working during the week. In addition to the first citizen of Kostoľany, the council members and several citizens have given a helping hand.

However, this well was not the only target of restoration.  The new surrounding flowerbeds have also been financed from the grant.  The deputy mayor, who is also a landscape architect, helped with the layout and selection of the plants.   The flowerbed in front of the old school near the well has been also restored. "We have chosen plants which were characteristic for our village in the past. Kostoľany used to be called the "rose village", so we used this kind of flowers. Mr. Michal Smolko, the teacher in our village during the first Czechoslovak Republic, was a pioneer in growing of roses. In addition, some lavenders have been planted.  This kind of flower is dedicated to another native, Mr. Lászlo Mécz, the poet. Towards the end of his life, he was living in the Pannonhalm monastery, with lavenders being the typical flowers,” says Mayor Medvec, explaining why the above kinds have been chosen.

According to the mayor, all work was completed without any serious issues, and hot weather was the only concern.  High temperatures are not good for the flowerbeds and watering was required to prevent drying. The flowers should reveal their beauty next spring.

The villagers, and citizens of the adjacent towns passing through the village, appreciate the restored center of Kostoľany.  The mayor has his plans for the next year. "In the next stage we would like to restore the local park.  The park is quite shabby and we would like to restore life to it.  However, additional finances are necessary for this purpose, so we are making efforts to get the next grant," he says in conclusion.   


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