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On the theory and application of methods of technical diagnostics

Created: 10/18/2017
Author: -c-
Category: 10/2017

With the best part of two hundred specialists from Slovakia and other countries in attendance, on October 3 and 4 the House of Technology in Košice was the venue for the grand 20th edition of the annual research conference named DIS 2017 Theory and Application of Methods of Technical Diagnostics.

The main topics of this forum, prepared by the Association of Technical Diagnosticians SR and the Technical University of Košice together with other partners, and involving the active participation of representatives of U. S. Steel Košice, included technical diagnostics as support for Industry 4.0, progressive non-destructive testing methods, experimental methods, normalization in the field of technical diagnostics, protection of physical assets and management of maintenance, safety and the environment.


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