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Open letter from KOVO U. S. Steel Košice Labor Union Council to PM Fico

Created: 6/19/2017
Author: -lk-
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On 15 June 2017 representatives of the KOVO U. S. Steel Košice Labor Union Council wrote an open letter to Mr. Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic. In their document, they draw attention to the importance of the forthcoming final phase of the EU ETS negotiations, scheduled for June 30 2017, calling on the Government of the Slovak Republic to act responsibly.

KOVO U. S. Steel Košice Labor Union representatives, who have joined European labor organization industriALL's call, state in their letter that as a social partner they share the EU's ambition to promote a sustainable economy combining environmental objectives with the needs of competitiveness and employment. On the other hand, however, they warn that the transition to a low-carbon economy compounded by insensitive political decisions could translate into relocation of production, investments and jobs to countries outside the European Union, which would be counterproductive not only from the economic but also social and environmental perspectives.


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