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OSH Champions now include Jaroslav Macko and Pavol Huďa

Created: 4/17/2018
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Category: Safety

We now know the names of the latest two OSH Champions at U. S. Steel Košice, who play the most active role in discovering and eliminating risks and set an exemplary attitude towards occupational safety and health protection (OSH). Jaroslav Macko, foreman and operations electrician at the Cokery Division, earned his naming as OSH Employee of the Month in January for his two ideas helping to eliminate risks in the workplace, involving the installation of extenson apparatus for lubricating the bearings in the 6 kV electric drives for six pumps and TD 1 – 3. OSH Champion for the month of February was Pavol Huďa from USSK subsidiary company OBAL-SERVIS, a.s. Košice. With his presence of mind and his quick, selfless tackling of a fire in the cab of a wooden material supplier's truck, he prevented great damage being caused to Company property. While the works fire-fighters were on their way, he did his best with the fire-extinguishers available to put out the fire, which had started as a result of a short-circuit in the truck cab's electrics.


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