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Podolínec on ice

Created: 3/2/2016
Author: -mk-
Category: 05/2016

Friendly ice-hockey matches between the teams from the St. Klement Hofbauer Foster Home in Podolínec and the USSK Management hockey team have already become a tradition. Since 2010 both teams have met on the ice seven times. In six of these matches the young hockey players from Podolinec emerged as winners, and only in the first mutual match in 2010 did our managers win (6-3). Last time these two teams measured their strengths was on Saturday, February 27, in the Steel Arena, where the young hockey players from Podolinec again won (8-6). Since the host team was considerably rejuvenated compared with the previous match, the team from Podolínec was strengthened by an active league player from HC Košice, Peter Bartoš. The boys derived benefit mainly from his experience, and also a large group of fans in the hall from the foster home itself took delight in their victory. They cheered their team on enthusiastically and untiringly during the entire match.


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