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President's Award for the most successful solution

Created: 3/15/2017
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: 03/2017

In the early evening of Tuesday, February 28, the official evaluation of the best projects in the year 2016 took place together with the presentation of awards to the creators of the 15 most successful solutions in five categories: Increasing Company revenues and cash-flow; Reducing costs; Improving quality of products and customer service; Innovation; and Safety and Environment.

“The situation at the beginning of last year didn't look very good. We were facing some stiff challenges, with a plan to achieve benefits amounting to around 127 million dollars from our Carnegie projects,” said USSK President Scott Buckiso in his presentation, and continued: “So when we got to the end of the year and the final sum came to over 150 million dollars, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Everyone who played a part in that result deserves thanks.”

He also emphasized that while the evening was focused on acknowledging the top projects, it was also necessary to thank all the employees who contributed to the joint effort with hundreds of ideas and projects.


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