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Record-breaking days without injuries

Created: 10/21/2015
Author: U. S. Steel Košice
Category: Safety

A record like we have never had before. A sequence of seventy-four days without injuries. This is the balance of the last two months in the Košice plant. If it weren't for two needless hand injuries during the first days of October (DAFW in the Steel Shops and an injury resulting in limited work ability in the Shipping division), the string of injury-free days could have been even longer. But even 74 days is a great success, which deserves our attention.  Last time we recorded a similar result in U. S. Steel Košice  was in 2011, when we managed to work 69 days in a row without injuries. When reviewing this year's August and September statistics we can really say the following: the goal of zero injuries is not just a vision. Ultimately this has been proven by the long-term results of several organizational units. Topping the positive company statistics with more than two years without injuries we have Equipment Reliability (852 days without injuries) followed by Company Management (713 days), Power Engineering (547 days), Pipes & Radiators (474 days), and Maintenance (412 days). The subsidiaries are successful as well (306 days without injuries). 
The gratitude of top management belongs to all who have contributed and are still contributing to the good results. The management is convinced that we will succeed in maintaining this positive trend in the future as well.
In the chart below you can see the current statistics (data as of October 12, 2015).   


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