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Replacement of classical bulbs by LED lamps continues

Created: 8/3/2016
Author: Iveta FIALOVÁ
Category: 16/2016

Replacing classical light bulbs in production halls by more economical, more ecological and brighter LED bulbs continues. First stage in 2014 during which the bulbs were installed in shipping bays documented its justification.

“Not only we increased brightness from average 80 Lux to 100, 200 or even 300 Lux depending on work areas, we also achieve substantial savings,” concluded Project manager Peter Štekláč from GM Engineering organization. “During one year of operation it was nearly EUR 411 thousand and to this day the savings climbed to EUR 615 thousand. Toward the end of May we implemented second stage of bulb replacements, this time in Hot Rolling mill halls. “Changes took place in hot rolling halls and in roll grinding shops. From installation of new bulbs in first bay to this day the changes resulted in savings of EUR 123 thousand, while we expect to save here EUR 397 thousand for the year,” informed P. Štekláč. “Important is also improved brightness.”

After Shipping and Hot Rolling divisions bulb changes will move to central mechanical shops halls, Mechanika division.


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