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Steelmakers Creative on Canvas and Photoraphs

Created: 10/28/2015
Author: Magdalena FECURKOVÁ, Photo: Richard DREISIG
Category: 22/2015

The exhibition of artworks by talented Kosice steelmakers in the House of Art will be open until November 3 of this year

Some people are good with brushes and colors, by which they can, in many cases, phenomenally transfer their feelings and views of the outside world onto canvas, while others can masterfully manipulate the camera viewfinder to capture special moments. Both kinds of Kosice steelmakers met in late August of this year in Medzev at the ninth annual plein-air painting event known as Steelworkers Paint with the Artists, combined this year also with the second annual plein-air photography event, to give their creativity a free and undisturbed course lasting a whole seven days. The outcomes of their work can be seen in the exhibition named “Steelmakers Creative on Canvas and Photographs” in the long room upstairs in the House of Arts during the concerts of the Košice State Philharmonic Orchestra. The opening of the exhibition, which took place on Tuesday, October 20, was attended, in addition to the creators of the works, their relatives, friends and acquaintances, also by top managers of the Košice steelworks, Miroslav Kiraľvarga, Vice President External Relations, Management And Business Development, and his wife Mária, Christian Korn, Vice President Sales and Marketing, and Martin Pitorák, Vice President Human Resources.


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