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Steelmakers have obtained an up-to-date wheel loader

Created: 1/20/2016
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Sennebogen 840 E expands the fleet of machinery used for scrap handling 

Two years since delivery of the 840 M-E series wheel loader from the German Sennebogen manufacturing company, the steelmakers in the Charge Preparation and Slab Cleaning operation of the Steel Plants Division enjoy a further addition in the form of a Sennebogen 840 E vehicle designed for metal scrap loading and transloading.  The loader has been in operation in the plant since December 2015. 

"The Sennebogen 840 E is an up-to-date wheel loader with an environmentally-friendly engine. The device is equipped with AD Blue, which is a system for trapping solid particles of flue gases and catching them before the gases are released from the exhaust outlet using a special neutralization fluid," explains Rudolf Proks, Operation Manager. "This design actually differs from the Sennebogen 840 ME series loader, whose engine does not have any trap for solid particle removal and thereforedoes not meet the EURO 6 emission standard, although its DPF filter is capable of capturing 90 percent of particulate matter in the exhaust system." 

The loader has a six-cylinder Cummins engine with an output of 224 kW (300 hp). The ergonomics of machine control are identical with the older type of this loader. The cab contains a seat suspension system and air-conditioning; it is also retractable and equipped with a front camera for monitoring the technological process. The arm is shorter by two meters to best meet the current operating conditions of the loader. 

"Restoration of the heavy machinery that is used in the area of scrap handling is necessary", say the steelmakers. "We would need to add a new retractable loader to our fleet of machines," they say. The one they use at present has even more than 40,000 operating hours.


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