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Synthetic slag aggregate from U. S. Steel Košice serves a public purpose also in Kráľovce

Created: 9/30/2015
Author: Richard DREISIG, Photo: Author
Category: 20/2015

They use the material for repairing roads

U. S. Steel Košice continues to help villages this year as well. Trucks loaded with tens of tons of synthetic blast furnace slag aggregate leave the gates of our plant each week and drive in the direction of the Košice and Prešov Region villages which use this material, for a symbolic price, in road and sidewalk reconstruction, playground construction and many other development programs.  At the same time they save the municipal budget as well as the environment, and there is a better and more beautiful life in these villages also thanks to U. S. Steel Košice, which over the past three years has shipped to the villages almost 256 thousand tonnes of synthetic slag aggregate.  Once again this year, we continue our series mapping the use of this material.

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This year U. S. Steel Košice support in the form of synthetic slag aggregate has also gone to Kráľovce.  They have already launched several projects in this small village located in the valley of the Torysa River between the cities of Košice and Prešov.   "Some of them are still under consideration, but we believe that the authorities will approve these projects soon.  We want to restore the local stream and put thermal insulation around the gym," indicates Mayor Radoslav Šimko, who now holds the office of Kráľovce mayor for the third term. Five years ago he also used EU funds for local development, and they repaired local roads using these funds. 

All utilities except for public sewers are available in this village. The waste water treatment plant, used by the residents since 2012, partially performs the function of the sewers. Here at the plant, we also find our synthetic slag aggregate.  "We have used your material mainly in the vicinity of the waste water treatment plant. Previously an earth road led there, so we covered it with the aggregate.  Now it looks much better," says the mayor and then he adds that when there is an opportunity, he will be definitely interested in getting more aggregate. "If we were to buy other road covering material, it would be incomparably more expensive. So we are immensely grateful for your help," says the mayor sincerely, who previously ran a business in the village for several years. What is more, he says he sees the aggregate application not just in terms of the waste water treatment plant.  Another load of the aggregate material, not yet being used for the road covering, is stored by the forest road behind the village.  In the immediate future they plan its reconstruction and they will use our aggregate in particular for covering the road. So far almost five hundred tonnes of material of various fractions has been supplied to Kráľovce.

Further loads of the aggregate material would also be useful for the village.  It would be used for example for improving access roads in the neighborhood with the ongoing residual construction. According to the mayor it is mainly Košice residents who build their houses there and, on the other hand, local young people move to the city for jobs. "We do not have many opportunities, even the cooperative farm no longer operates here."

Currently 1100 inhabitants live in Kráľovce, named after King Charles Robert I of Hungary. Before the memorable Battle of Rozhanovce in 1312 against the Amadé Aba family (Omodejovci), this monarch established a military camp in the village. His presence is also indicated in the village coat-of-arms. In addition to the traditional Slavonic lime tree the coat-of-arms also includes a royal crown.  The local chronicle says that the first record of the village appeared more than 750 years ago. 

Radoslav Šimko, mayor of Kráľovce, highly appreciates the help of our Company, and he is interested in cooperation also in the future.


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