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The 5th Annual Family Safety Day attracted almost five thousand visitors

Created: 6/9/2016
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Approximately five thousand steelmakers and their families took the opportunity on Saturday June 4, 2016 and attended the Company's Open Door Day. The 5th Annual Family Safety Day – “Where does my father, mother work?" offered once again an interesting program for all age groups. The success of the event, which was at the same time a gift presented by U. S. Steel Košice to children on the occasion of Children's Day, could also be achieved thanks to nice weather. After rainy days it showed its kind face in the form of a beautiful sunny day.

The first visitors arrived at the U. S. Steel Košice area shortly after 8:00 AM. Everything had already been prepared in the parking lot as well as on the opposite meadow for starting this steel company's greatest all-day activity, popular with the employees. The Kodurka Brass Band welcomed the arriving employees with lively tunes. At 9:00 AM, after approximately half an hour of march and dance music, the President of U. S. Steel Košice Scott Buckiso and General Manager Occupational Safety & Hygiene and REACH Mark Salo came to the stage in order to officially inaugurate the event in the presence of other members of the top management.

"The purpose of Family Safety Day is to show our families how we work here, and the attention that we pay to safety, which is the most important part of our work," stated the President of U. S. Steel Košice. "We want all employees to return home to their families healthy, so we often state that it is perfectly correct that if they do not like something in the work they perform, they stop their work and continue only after they are sure that everything is as it should be," Scott Buckiso clarified the approach of the Company's management to their employees' safety and health. At the same time he wished all participants a nice day and a lot of fun. Mark Salo, for whom the Family Safety Day - as he said - is the most favorite event in Košice, joined him. "This event is an important part of our everyday effort and activities organized in the occupational safety area. It also provides an opportunity to show the families where their fathers or mothers work, and maybe a chance to think about whether it might also be a future workplace for their children," he addressed those present.

Meanwhile the first visitors interested in the tours of the Company area were already lined up at the platforms from where the buses departed at regular intervals from half past nine for a traditional plant tour, or to the Radiator Shop for a walking tour.

The eight-hour program offered instruction and entertainment in the plant entry area. Employees of U. S. Steel Košice as well as partners and external organizations presented their work. The Occupational Safety Department, Designated Technological Equipment Department, Sales Department, Research and Development Department, the Works Fire Department, Ecology Department, USSK's subsidiary companies, as well the Secondary Vocational School in Košice-Šaca, the Faculty of Metallurgy at the Technical University of Košice, the Volkswagen Foundation, the Slovak Technical Museum, the police force, rescue services, and even health insurance companies set up their tents here.  The event again offered an opportunity to present interesting hobbies of the employees of the Company and their relatives, starting with the bonsai or citrus grower to talented singers, dancers, and musicians. Children could have fun at various entertainment attractions, and for the first time this year also personally meet the President of the Company and ask him questions.

You will learn more about these interesting meetings as well as about the course of Saturday's events at the plant on pages 9 to 16 of Oceľ východu.

A large team of colleagues involving employees of U. S. Steel Košice, led by the Department of Director Public Affairs, took part in the preparation as well as the course of the event, for which we would like to express to them our recognition and acknowledgment .


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