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The challenge didn't go without response

Created: 1/20/2016
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Category: 02/2016

Thanks also to a group of generous steelmakers, homeless people could have a nice Christmas

It has already become a traditional expression of empathy by sales representative Anetta Smiková at the end of the year to organize a pre-Christmas appeal from which the proceeds help to prepare a Christmas-Eve supper to make the nicest holidays of the year also enjoyable for homeless people. Nor did her challenge at the end of last year go without response. “I would like to express my thanks to donors also through Oceľ východu for their financial contributions amounting to 300 Euros, which enabled us to enrich the holiday table for homeless people in the Oasis - Hope for a New Life shelter in Bernátovce,” says Anetta Smiková. “Allow me therefore to personally express my thanks for their generosity, namely in alphabetical order and without titles, to Alena Dzugasová, Marek Farbula, Božena Fehérová, Aurora Jajková, Eva Klubertová, Zuzana Kováčová, Miroslav Maďar, Janette Plachá, Monika Ružiková, Ružena Šteffanová and Alena Torhányová. I wish all the people a lucky and successful start to the year 2016.”  She also attached one interesting story.

“When I was handing over financial contributions to priest Peter Gombita, who originally established and administers the Oasis now, and who wishes everyone a blessed year 2016, he told me that another little event awaited us. I couldn't guess what he meant. He explained to me in the car that three men who lived in the Bernátovce center had been successful in picking themselves up in life by finding themselves permanent jobs and becoming financially independent, would like to surprise and invite us to a small supper. It made them enormously proud that they could do so... It was one of the nicest and most touching experiences in my life. Perhaps our support also contributed to the fact that they had found the strength to stand on their own two feet.”



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