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The firefighters show off their new firefighting vehicle

Created: 4/20/2017
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Category: Safety

The blare of fire truck sirens spreading throughout the steelworks on 6 April, 2017 in the afternoon was fortunately not a fire alert or an emergency, life-threatening situation. It was only a fire emergency exercise, which the firefighters are obliged to perform due to Law no. 314/2001 as amended, this time involving employees' evacuation from the main administrative building. It was not just an exercise led by the intervention commander Marián Tomčo. The firefighters 'boasted' a new firefighting vehicle, which U. S. Steel Košice President Scott Buckiso and General Manager Security Europe David T. Maxwell were interested to see.

"Thanks to a spacious cabin accommodating six firefighters and well thought-out internal stowage of equipment in six compartments, we can intervene not only during a fire using water and foam, but we can also perform an initial intervention in the majority of situations in which we are deployed.  The heart of the fire truck is a pump capable of dispensing 6000 litres per minute with a pressure of 1MPa. The tanks have a capacity of 8000 litres of water and 1000 litres of foam," said U. S. Steel Košice Works Fire Brigade Commander Marek Goliáš when presenting the most important tactical and technical details of the new firefighting vehicle which has 'strengthened' our firefighters' fleet in recent days.


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