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The first Saturday in June will belong to steelmakers and their families

Created: 4/13/2016
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Preparations for the Family Safety Day event are in full progress 

Preparations for this year’s fifth in the series of annual Company event called Family Safety Day - "Where does my father, my mother work?" are in full progress. No wonder, for Saturday, June 4, 2016, when the event is to take place is approaching with big strides and the organizers are extremely busy again trying to offer all the steelmakers and their families an interesting program.

As in past years, preparations are going ahead under the egis of the department of Director Public Affairs U. S. Steel Košice in cooperation with colleagues from specialist parts of the Company, especially the departments of General Manager Engineering Activities, Production Support, Occupational Safety & Hygiene, REACH, BSC, Transport, Management & Maintenance of Buildings, OBAL-SERVIS, Protected Workshop, and SBS. Of course, the steelmakers will be present in the program proper as well, presenting either their working activities or interesting hobbies. Moreover our partner organizations are to be present again with attractions for the visitors. 

However, we are not going to disclose everything in advance. Important information related to this event such as the dates and way of application, transportation to/from the area of  USSK, catering, parking and news about the program can be found in a special edition of the newspaper „Oceľ východu“ which will be available at the newsstands on May 5, 2016. At the moment, we just disclose that you may once again expect the opportunity to take a walking tour of the radiator production operation, or complete sightseeing of the steelworks by bus.   Children will also do well out of the various attractions, creative workshops and competitions.


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