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The TROPHY stays at home

Created: 3/30/2016
Author: -kat-
Category: 07/2016

The friendly ice-hockey match between the teams Cassovia Super Stars, made up of our employees from among the USSK sellers, and Bohemia Steelers, represented by customers from several Czech companies, has been held regularly since 2003. This year the situation changed and instead of one match an ice hockey tournament took place in the Steel Arena on Thursday, March 17, 2016.  The third, combined International Team joined the team of our sellers, now under the new name "Košice Stars", and took on the Bohemia Steelers team.

The President and CEO of United States Steel Corporation Mario Longhi was also present at the matches at the Steel Arena, and he also took part in the Tournament's prize-giving ceremony. The home team Košice Stars won the final match. The valuable Challenge Cup trophy was received by the team captain Scott Buckiso, who commented on this success as follows: "The history of mutual matches between the sellers and customers is wonderful and I believe that our three teams will continue with these tournaments. We thoroughly enjoyed the matches with our team-mates and I think that our guests also enjoyed this event a lot.  Thank you Mario for taking the time to join us."


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