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There are many reasons why making use of this service pays off

Created: 1/8/2016
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: Employees

The Work Life Coaching employee care program is continuing this year again

Thanks to positive responses, U.  S. Steel Košice has decided to continue with its Program of Employee Care and free advisory service provision in cooperation with Human Dynamic, the professional consulting and advisory company, to its employees as well as their families.  For more detailed information, we asked Dana Sikorová, Project Manager of Work Life Coaching at U. S. Steel Košice and Miriam Lachová, Director of Human Dynamic.

• The Program of Employee Care is entering the fourth year of its activities. How do you assess last year's course?

Dana Sikorová: I would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback on the Program of Employee Care that I received throughout last year. Our employees realize that getting advice, either by telephone or face-to-face, is something that pushes them forward, helping to address their challenges, relieves difficult situations and encourages them to become a better parent, partner, colleague or superior. I am sincerely pleased with the fact that this program has helped our employees to resolve work issues and personal troubles, either in a partnership or parental relationship.  Their active use of the Work Life Coaching program makes me really very happy.  In the course of 2015, over seven hundred consultations in person, by e-mail and phone and more than two hundred and fifty communications in workplaces took place. We also organized eight lectures on various topics, including: "How to manage finances", "Happy co-existence in a partnership" or "Education of younger children and upbringing of teenagers".  I am delighted that, together with the company Human Dynamic, we have managed to create a well-run and confidential system whereby employees can approach experts with any problems relating to either their private or their professional life. 

Miriam Lachová: When I look back, during the past three years when we were implementing the Program of Employee Care together with U.  S. Steel Košice, I am very happy that people trust and believe in this service more and more, and our primary concern is to assist them exactly in the situation in which they currently find themselves. Their confidence is our priority and is reflected in the fact that not only more and more people are contacting us, but the issues they are coming to us with refer to various areas of their lives.  I only can assess the program positively. Feedback on last year´s novelty aimed at financial advice provision is significantly positive. This service has been frequently used. We also have very positive feedback about the consulting service in the workplace, which is always occupied very fast.

• What will the Work Life Coaching program bring to employees of Košice´s steelmaking company in 2016?

Miriam Lachová: In this calendar year, we will continue to provide consulting services and coaching on a personal and professional basis, legal and financial consultancy, consulting services in the workplace, and coaching and consultancy for management and managerial staff, and a wellness portal will be available as well.

Dana Sikorová: Together with Human Dynamic, we will be putting on further interesting lectures to employees which will be abundant in new information and valuable advice.  They can look forward to such topics as emotional intelligence, dealing with stressful and conflict situations at home and at work, parental missteps, or the lecture: "Old Age is Touching Us - The Sandwich Generation".  We will present all other information, news and useful articles in Oceľ východu, mediate them by email or through the Intranet on the website: Užitočné/HUMAN DYNAMIC/Prílohy (Useful/HUMAN DYNAMIC/Annexes).

• These services can be used by Kosice´s steelmakers and their loved ones based on specified criteria and rules. Will they be modified or will the previous rules remain valid?

Dana Sikorová: No, the rules will not be changed. All employees as well as their relatives living with them in the same household will be allowed to continue with using the services of Human Dynamic. Each member of the household is entitled to three personal meetings quarterly with a psychologist or a coach, to unlimited email and telephone consultations on the freephone number 0800 148 612 or, or any other financial and legal consultations by telephone and email.  Consultant therapists are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Personal issues or problems can be talked through with them, they can share difficulties, gain detachedness in difficult situations, discuss labor issues, for example in a tense conflict situation when someone is experiencing excessive stress or worries about a colleague.  Many reasons exist for making use of these services. All consultancy is confidential and free of charge.


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