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They are behind the Company´s success.

Created: 11/25/2015
Author: Richard DREISIG
Category: Employees

Steelmakers celebrating their working anniversaries meet for the third time in the DoubleTree Hotel.

On November 13, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Košice belonged again to the steelmakers and their families. Colleagues from the HRM, CRM, Color-coating and Finishing, Radiators and Pipes and Shipping Divisions were celebrating their anniversaries of 30, 35 and 40 years of working for the Company. Mr. Scott D. Buckiso, President of U. S. Steel Košice, Mr. Marcel Novosad, Vice President Operations, Mr. Ladislav Hanuščalka and Mr. Thomas Klein, General Managers Rolling Mills and Finishing respectively, as well as the Directors of these Divisions came to express their thanks, respect, compliments and appreciation. In addition, several labor union representatives  led by Mr. Mikuláš Hintoš, the OZ KOVO Labor Union Council Chairman, took part in the meeting. 

The first speaker was the first man of the Košice steelworks, Scott Buckiso: “I´m very glad that I can be here with you to celebrate your anniversaries. This year is special also for our Company, as U. S. Steel has been present in Košice for fifteen years. This Company couldn´t ever be successful without you, your hard work and your determination, and in the name of the whole Company I would like to thank you and your families for their daily support,” said Mr. Buckiso in his speech. In addition, the President mentioned the current difficult situation of the European steel companies. “A lot of work is waiting ahead, but I believe that we will be able to deal with all the issues,” he said.        

Mikuláš Hintoš, the Labor Union leader, also expressed his acknowledgment. In his speech he also mentioned the 15th anniversary of the US investor´s presence at the steelworks, and the number of changes that the plant has passed through during this period. Our honorees were part of these changes and Mr. Hintoš expressed his special acknowledgments for that and wished them sound health, good luck and much personal and occupational success.  

After the speeches, the presentation ceremony followed. Silver and gold medals together with letters of thanks were handed over to all 170 honorees. In addition, wristwatches were formally presented to the employees who have spent 40 and 45 years working for the Košice steelmaking company.


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