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They feel a bond with the plant

Created: 1/11/2017
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: 01/2017

They built production halls, started up production lines, generated power, pushed coke ovens, smelted iron, cast steel, at first into ingots and then also into slabs, rolled sheets, but also prepared wages for their colleagues or developed business relations with customers... But even if they have stopped traveling to the plant by now, as they are taking a well-deserved rest, they will not hear a word against it. They are still interested in how it is getting on, what is new in it, whether it is making progress, what its plans are, in short, how it currently "lives". No wonder. A lot of people say that they feel a special bond with the plant, that the plant got under their skin. And therefore they were very pleased to accept the invitation and come on December 19, 2016 to the already traditional pre-Christmas meeting with the President of U. S. Steel Košice Scott Buckiso, Vice Presidents Marcel Novosad, Miroslav Kiraľvarga and Martin Pitorák and other managers from the plant.


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