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They have "converted" funds into many useful things

Created: 8/3/2016
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: Community

Short visit to the Oasis - Hope for New Life non-profit organization

Dozens of homeless people have found refuge in the Oasis - Hope for New Life assistance center in Bernátovce, managed by the priest Peter Gombita. Here they find not only a roof over their head but also food, heat and water, and those who really want to change their life also the opportunity to work and participate in the operation of the center. The proceeds from the collections of useful things that are part of U. S. Steel Košice Volunteer Days have already been directed there for several years. The financial donation obtained by the Oasis of Hope non-profit organization within the organized fundraising in mid-May this year was "converted" in recent days by its management into a lot of other necessary things.

"They will be really very useful for us," assistance center social worker Monika Pergerová confirmed to us over full boxes of purchased goods. "We have procured new kitchenware as we cook a lot every day. So no wonder that pots and pans wear out over time. And also bedspreads and sheets, as we always need them. The collections also help us very much because we obtain still usable rugs and blankets. These get really worn and ragged over time... Dozens of people still sleep in this center. We have also bought some quilts which we will give to people in the central building. We have new kitchen utensils as well, including knives, sieves and scoops. As well as a big hot box that serves us for transport of soup or food from sponsors. However, we have to consume them immediately according to hygiene requirements."


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