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Together for the Region program project "Bee Keeping – Sweet, Healthy, and Useful" in the final stage

Created: 10/21/2015
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ, Photo: Jana ŠLOSÁROVÁ
Category: 21/2015

Honey Day was a success

The exhibition of jars containing various kinds of honey from this year's "harvest" made it clear to all visitors that the Together for the Region grant scheme project entitled "Bee Keeping – Sweet, Healthy, and Useful, Try it with us" developed by the Trstene Nature Friends (Priatelia trstenskej prírody) civic association had reached its final stage. The Honey Day, to which its members invited all those who contributed to make it happen, is a testimony to this fact. 
"Thanks to the project we have ten colonies of bees by the Old Hornad, making delicious honey which our guests can see and taste here today, but also new supporters who could become aware and learn a lot of new things about bees and bee-keeping.  While the subject of our previous debate during the project activity in September was mainly bee-keeping, the topic of today's event is honey and honey products," said the leader of the Trstene Nature Friends civic association Rastislav Šelepský.   The participants in the event learned many interesting facts about this sweet delicacy from the commentary by experienced bee-keeper Imrich Ilenin.



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