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Two-stand Line rolls out 473 KM-long strip

Created: 2/14/2018
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Category: 02/2018

The Finishing and Tin Mill and Shipping divisions of USSK ended last year with several production records. The Cold Rolling Mill team achieved a total of eight yearly, five monthly, two daily and three shift records. Notwithstanding this, they are not resting on their laurels, and in the first weeks of 2018 they are continuing at a similar impressive rate. As the head of the ZU1 operation Jozef Fi­lipovský reports, following last year's annual record, in January they set a new monthly record on galvanizing line no. 2. In turn, the Shipping division put up a bunch of records last year as well, including one for the total volume of material shipped. The fact is that in the year 2017 they shipped out a total of 3 646 523 tonnes of material, beating the previous record set in 2014, and on April 25 of last year they added a new record in the loading of trucks, when they loaded up 451 trucks in a single day. “This is the result of team-work,” sums up Shipping Division Director Miroslav Bučko, adding: “Starting with primary production, maintenance and equipment reliability, through purchasing and sales, all the way to us, who ultimately ship out all the products.”



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