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U. S. Steel Košice can be an example to the other companies in Slovak Republic

Created: 6/18/2018
Author: -ker-
Category: Safety

„We visited U. S. Steel Košice form a very pragmatic reason and that is to identify the examples of good practice in such large and important company, “ said the general Director National Labor Inspectorate Karol Habina. He noted that many prevention tools at U. S. Steel Košice are in conformity, even beyond of legislation and san set an example of good practice also to the other industrial enterprises  in Slovakia. „I am confident that this information and examples of good practice need to be shared, because our intention is to set the uniform minimum level of safety in the companies“ added Karol Habina. 

The National Labor Inspectorate representatives visited U. S. Steel Košice on Thursday,  June 14, 2018. In addition to the discussion with General manager Safety&IH&REACH, Mark Salo and other company representatives, they also visited the operations at Caster #2, Steelshop I. and Hot Rolling Mill, where they had an opportunity  to see direct application of safety programs during the Hot Strip Mill repair.

„U. S. Steel at United States  has in the field of Occupational safety open relationships with other companies as well the respective state authorities. Therefore I can not see any reason not to have similar relationships here in Slovakia. If we together contribute to enhancement of safety level in industrial enterprises, everyone will benefit, “emphasized Mr. Salo. The General Manager informed the National Labor Inspectorate representatives of a new program Safety champion. Program is based on the valuation of the company employees who have significantly contribute to increasing level of Safety in the company. The national Labor Inspectorate representatives also looked at the level of contractors safety, which according to their experience with the other employers is often the source of issues. In regard to this Mr.Mark Salo noted that also U. S. Steel Košice company had to deal with similar problems. He informed us, that due to a number of serious occupational injuries of contractors last year our company has taken appropriate actions. They include, among other things, the introduction of assessment of compliance to safety procedures on the contractor side through ISNetWorld, the U. S. Steel cooperates also in own North Amerika facilities. „They examine contractors whether they meet the conditions in terms of occupational safety, but also the qualification requirements that our company as well the Slovak or European legislation, puts on them.  Each contractor who comes to us  is so pre-qualified prior entering the gate of our company and starts to work for us,“ informed Mr. Mark Salo.

At the end of the meeting the representatives of both parties agreed to continue to exchange the experience and information on safety also in the future.


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