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U. S. Steel Košice opens charity hut on Main Street for the tenth time

Created: 11/11/2015
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Category: Employees

The preparations for the opening of U. S. Steel Košice's charity hut on the Main Street during Košice Christmas are finishing these days. It will be organized for the tenth time, the first round-figure aniiversary.

“We're continuing with the tradition this year as well. From December 5th till December 22nd we will be giving a chance to eighteen non-government organizations, our long-term parnters, to present their activities. One of them, the Technical high school in Košice will be there for a first time. The focus is common for everyone – by means of different educational, social, human and volunteer activities to help the community we are living in,” states Eva Svrčeková from USSK Public Affairs Department.

The ongoing charity hut activities will be managed by Public Affairs staff, representatives from the non-governmental organizations involved, and volunteers from U. S. Steel Košice. Next issue of Ocel vychodu will present further information with more up-to-date details.


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