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U. S. Steel Košice top managers meet steelmakers on New Year's Eve

Created: 1/8/2016
Author: U. S. Steel Košice
Category: 01/2016

Just as every year, late on New Year's Eve USSK top managers and OZ KOVO labor union leaders came to the steelworks main gate no. 2 to meet their working colleagues, shake their hands, thank them and wish then all the best in the New Year.

Košice City Mayor Richard Raši also traditionally did not miss this opportunity to meet the steelmakers. In this way, those entering the works for the night shift or leaving after the afternoon shift had the chance to meet U. S. Steel Košice President Scott D. Buckiso, Vice Presidents Martin Pitorák, Marcel Novosad and Miroslav Kiraľvarga, as well as OZ KOVO Deputy Chairman Juraj Varga and Hot Rolling Mill labor union organization chairman Jozef Veselý.



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