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USSK at the 10th edition of the virtual steelmaking challenge

Created: 2/3/2016
Author: -r-
Category: 03/2016

On January 20 and 21 of this year, the tenth annual edition of the popular world-wide 24-hour competition known as the Virtual Steelmaking Challenge organzed by the World Steel Association attracted thousands of young people to their computers in more than forty countries al over the world. Divided into four categories consisting of North and South America, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East and Africa, Asia and Oceania and China, they produced steel in simulated electric-arc furnaces in line with the set objective of making a certain grade of steel meeting the given technical requirements while keeping overall costs to a minimum. In contrast to past years, this time the competition was intended exclusively for individuals, and Košice steelmakers were traditionally among the participants. The complete results have not yet been published by the organizers, but the overall winners of the separate categories proceeding to the final round are known. This takes place in London on April 11, where USSK will unfortunately not be represented.


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