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USSK Winter Sports Games commence

Created: 1/11/2017
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The next few days will see the start of the Wnter Sports Games for USSK employees. The first to engage in the competition for championship points will be the ice-hockey players, who begin their 2017 USSK championship tournament on the Steel Arena ice on Monday, January 16. These championships continue until February 13, when the final matches will be played for the top three medal positions.

In the meantime on Saturday, January 21, the cross-country skiers will be competing on the “white track” up at Kojšovská hoľa, and the third event of the Wnter Sports Games will be the giant slalom races for skiers and snowboarders among the employees of USSK and their children. These competitions will be taking place up at Jahodná on Saturday, February 4, and accompanying this event will be the 17th edition of the annual Children's Winter Carnival.


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