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We can bid for supply contracts for highway and road construction

Created: 2/3/2016
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Although artificial stone material made from blast furnace slag has been certificated for several years as suitable for use in road construction, namely in unbonded and hydraulically bonded pavement layers in line with both European standards and Slovakian legislation, possibilities for its much wider acceptable application were confirmed just at the beginning of this year in the revised Technical Qualitative Conditions, part 39, including Amendment No. 1/2015 to the Catalogue of Stone Materials No. 1/2012, issued by the SR Ministry for Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Section for Road Transport and Land Communications. These new conditions came into force on January 15 of this year, together with the amended Catalogue of Stone Materials, so nothing now stands in the way of U. S. Steel Košice's bidding for contracts to supply artificial stone material made from blast furnace slag for the construction of highways, freeways and other types of road.


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