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We have supported more than a hundred organizations

Created: 10/28/2015
Author: Richard DREISIG, Photographs : author
Category: 22/2015

Computers taken out of service are not accumulated in warehouses, but are directed towards non-profit organizations

In our company we replace the computing equipment in several-year cycles. Old notebooks and desktop configurations are replaced with more powerful devices, and older equipment ends up in warehouses.  Data are then removed from storage media, and the hardware, the best years of which have already elapsed, is liquidated in compliance with internal regulations. However, additional costs in human and financial resources are associated with these procedures.

Six years ago, colleagues from BSC came up with an idea, not to dispose of computing equipment having been taken out of service, but to offer it to people in socially weaker groups or to institutions that could still make use of it. “It is far more effective than having computers accumulating then in warehouses. Although they do not meet our performance demands any more, they are still sufficient for many institutions,” Team Manager IT Asset Management Peter Zahumenský explains the substance of the idea. “In the course of this initiative we have been closely cooperating with our colleagues in the Director Public Affairs Unit, who carefully assess all requests. The computing equipment is sold for symbolic prices and we implement the whole process from the technical aspect. First we properly test the computers, and the majority of machines offered come from administration,” he adds. At the same time several dozen requests arrive annually, not only from Košice, but from all over Eastern Slovakia.  These are first of all from nursery schools, elementary or secondary schools, children’s homes, public hospitals and various other non-profit organizations.

Requesters receive computers and notebooks as “virgin”, i.e. without an operating system. The users install the operating system as needed. Peter Zahumenský adds that one to two units are often added extra to the requested number, just in case any of the devices break down. An LCD monitor, a keyboard and a mouse are packed by default with the computers.

A delivery of fifteen notebooks and the same number of cdesktop PCs has been sent this year also to the Dneperská Street Elementary School in Košice. “We are very glad you have complied with our request. We have a limited number of PCs at school that are old and defective besides. Thanks to your help more children will be able to work with computers, and in smaller groups. We’d welcome further devices too, of course, so we're considering filing an application again,” the principal of the school Emília Kušniríková gives her positive opinion about this initiative. According to P. Zahumenský, we get the same feedback also from other requesters.

Since 2009 when this initiative started, we have helped in this way more than a hundred organizations. Altogether we have delivered to them almost nine hundred sets of computing equipment.

Our colleagues at BSC will definitely not be stopping offering computers taken out of service to other organizations. This initiative will be continuing next year as well. And as printer consolidation is under way in our company, the list of devices offered will be soon extended with these devices.

The sale of computers and notebooks is a mutually beneficial matter. This initiative costs our company nothing, and it greatly helps the organizations and people who are less well off. 


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