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We help whenever souls and bodies hurt

Created: 10/28/2015
Author: Magdalena FECURKOVÁ, Photo: Jana ŠLOSÁROVÁ
Category: Employees

Families of our colleagues are included in this year’s Wishing Tree project for the fourth time

An illuminated tree, brightly colored balls on green coniferous chains, and eye-catching white, black, red and golden Christmas decorations made us suspect that the most beautiful holidays of the year are approaching. Although two months remain until the time of unpacking gifts, it was appropriate to evoke the Christmas atmosphere in one of the rooms of the corporate building on Alžbetina Street in Košice on Wednesday, October 21. The program known as We Are With You At The Right Time has entered its fourth year, and the Wishing Tree project, in which steelmakers fulfill the wishes of their colleagues' children, has been its integral part from the very beginning. The room gradually filled up with ten families of Kosice steelworkers to whom fate has not been very merciful recently. It has brought them, unfortunately, pain from the irreversible loss of their spouses and parents, but also from serious or incurable diseases from which their fathers, mothers or children suffer. Their souls and bodies are in pain. Their first meeting with Mr. Scott D. Buckiso, the President of U.S. Steel Kosice, Miroslav Kiraľvarga, Vice President External Relations, Management and Business Development, and his wife Mária, Viera Novosadová, wife of Vice President Operations, and Ján Bača, Director Public Affairs and his team, spoke of the beginning of participation in two great projects, this aim of which is not only to fulfill the Christmas wishes of children, but also enable them, along with their parents, to participate in a range of activities during the next year. Maybe these can help them forget, at least for a moment, about their greater or lesser sorrows...


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