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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 13.12.2004
Kategória: 50/2004

Internship. To intern someone means to make them live or stay within some defined limits, such as their house area, the city boundaries, or a secure camp compound - internment was used by the British government against suspected IRA terrorists in Northern Ireland in the 1980's.

Internship should be rather different from imprisonment. It is based on the idea of "interns", assistant doctors or surgeons who are resident staff (internal employees) in U.S. hospitals, and the suffix "-ship" comes from German ("-schaft"), something equivalent to the Slovak "-stvo". So internship means a period of temporary paid work in a company or organization with the aim of gaining practical experience, intended especially for college students. It was popularized by Monica Lewinsky, of course, who experienced a rather special and infamous White House internship.



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