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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 23.8.2004
Kategória: 34/2004

A reminder of some team sports terminology this week. Matches are usually played either "at home" or "away", so you hear about "home games" or "away games". Sometimes after trouble with hooligans they have to play at a "neutral" stadium. The home team are then the "hosts" (careful with Slovak here!) and the away team the "guests", or more usually "visitors".

In English, teams don't play "with" each other but "against" - and to avoid the problem altogether, very often no preposition is used at all: Košice are playing Zvolen away this Friday. In English, teams win, lose or draw games or matches. They don't "win over" their opponents, though (that's a phrasal verb meaning "persuade" or "convince") - they BEAT them (poraziť). On the other hand, they can LOSE TO their rivals, or DRAW WITH them. The convention of saying the home team's score first in the results is not so strong in English, and you usually hear the higher score first, and check the verb to understand who won: "Poprad lost two-one at home to Skalica". Think of the results presentation approach used by Slavo on Fun Radio.



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