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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 20.6.2005
Kategória: 25/2005

The first half of the Pittsburgh visit piece looks like I've gone crazy with capital letters, but in fact this shows up what is probably the main difference between using capitals in English compared with Slovak. Whereas in Slovak you only use "upper case" (the printers' technical term for capital letters, because they were always stored in the top half of the box of little lead castings with letters embossed on the end, which typesetters used to put together manually in the printing frames) for the first word in a name or a title which consists of a sequence of words, in English ALL the "big" words in the sequence start with a capital, but the "little" ones (e.g. the, a, of, for) remain in "lower case", i.e. small letters. American newspapers are different from British ones too, in that All The Words In Their Headlines Tend To Start With Capital Letters, whereas British newspaper headlines use ALL CAPITALS, or no capitals at all if they think they are trendy.



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