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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 6.12.2004
Kategória: 49/2004

"Ústretový" can be a tricky word to translate into English. It suggests the idea of going out to meet or welcome someone, of meeting someone half-way, and of being willing to fulfill someone's wishes. This idea is clear enough, but sometimes it's tricky choosing the most suitable single word in English in a particular context.

There are several possibilities, like helpful, obliging (more moral), well-disposed (more formal), even sympathetic (remember this means "súcitný", different from the Slovak "sympatický" - nice, pleasant, friendly). I have used "favorable" in the Glunz & Jensen extract, because I think the Slovak attitude towards foreign investors is not just passive but active, and the idea of a favor (which could also be "láskavosť") as a positive action which should be returned ("one good turn deserves another") is included in the word.



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