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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 2.5.2005
Kategória: 18/2005

Painter. This shows up one of the fundamental differences between the Slovak and English languages. Slovak words contain more information with all the different grammatical endings, whereas English words need much more context to have clear meaning, so the word order in each sentence is very important. I think the difference goes further, though.

Extra words are often used in Slovak to make exact meanings absolutely clear, for example "akademický maliar", to make it clear to everybody that the man is a fine artist and not a house decorator. But translating this into English doesn't help, because "academic" gives the impression of someone who spends their time studying in a university library, or something which is very theoretical and separate from ordinary life. In English the exact meaning comes from the context, so in connection with gallery, works of art, art historian, sculpture and textile artist, readers must understand what kind of painters Messrs. Filep and Baláž are.



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