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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 8.3.2004
Kategória: 10/2004

Altruism and nobility. Altruism /altrú-izm/ is based on the Latin word for "other" and then the Italian and French words meaning "someone else" and "other people". This does not mean "different people", but someone else who is not me, starting with my family and relatives, then my friends and acquaintances, and finally all the other people I do not know, but who I can meet in everyday life. Altruism focuses on the last group, because it means doing things for the good of other people without thinking about personal gain (so it is the opposite of egoism and selfishness).

Altruism could be one example of nobility of character, because that means having admirable qualities of personality, high ideals and moral superiority, but then the idea of nobility also means that people can be admirable and superior in character because of their high rank in society, people who are dignified because they were born into a certain family. Altruism is something that everybody can be good at.



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