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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 7.3.2005
Kategória: 10/2005

American readers of this column (and it would be great to get some feedback from the two of you via the Oceľ Východu editor's office!) may be wondering why I have specified "college and university students" as the targets of help from the Job and Internship Fair, because in the United States "college" (say /kolidž/) is often used as an informal synonym for university, so college means university.

There are also "community colleges", which are large educational complexes including elementary and high schools (remember this means "stredná škola", not "vysoká"), but also evening schools for children and adults as well as public cultural and sports facilities - something for everybody in the local area. In Slovakia, though, there are the traditional universities offering a wide range of subjects and training teachers, but there are also specialized "vysoké školy" focusing on producing specialists in technical subjects, economics, veterinary science or performing arts, and these are what I mean by "colleges".



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