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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 19.4.2004
Kategória: 16/2004

"Realizovať" - it's worth having another look at this word, one of the most common "false friends" of translators, a word from Latin which looks similar in Slovak and English, but has different meanings in most cases. The usual English sense of "realize" is like "understand", so it's a translation of "pochopiť", "chápať" or "uvedomiť si".

In formal English it's possible to find the meaning "make something real", like "realize your ambitions", but usually it's better to find a DIFFERENT translation for "realizovať". Verb-noun associations are the best things to remember: carry out (see through) a plan, implement (execute) a decision, accomplish (complete) a task, achieve (reach) the objectives, fulfil your hopes (achieve your desires), complete (accomplish) the project, perform (carry out) an operation, effect (implement) the changes, conclude (complete) the deal.

These verbs also have different translations in Slovak (splniť, uzavrieť, uskutočniť, vykonať), so THINK TWICE about translating "realizovať"!



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