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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 8.11.2004
Kategória: 45/2004

More on engineering, or rather how to understand the Slovak word "inžinierstvo". In the project management extract I have used "Engineering Activities" to translate "Inžinierske činnosti", and this is the kind of engineering which can be understood as production support - all the activities like designing, technical drawing, logistics (supply scheduling) and project management as a whole.

This is engineering in the sense of organizing and arranging activity, building a system as if it were a machine, putting parts together and making them work for a higher purpose. There's a connection here with "inžinierska sieť", the mains network (water, gas, electricity, drains, roads) or infrastructure needed to support a residential area or an industrial park. Infrastructure means "lower level structure", not only because the mains network is usually installed underground, but because it is required to support a higher level purpose - enabling people to live or work.



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