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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 26.4.2004
Kategória: 17/2004

Manager - My records suggest I haven't looked at this word before (is that possible?). The root is the Latin word for hand, and manage originally meant to train or handle a horse. Later it developed the sense of handling and controlling people (remember control means "riadiť"!), and it's always important to understand that managers are in charge of (responsible for) a smaller or larger number of PEOPLE, regardless of the area they work in, e.g. operations, finance, personnel or quality.

When people have a BOSS, he or she is their LINE MANAGER, and he or she is the HEAD of their team, office, section, department, plant, division or sector. There are junior managers, middle managers and senior managers, the latter making up the top management of their company. I say "manager" is an acceptable translation of "riaditeľ", and the title "director" should be reserved strictly for the members of the Board of Directors, which doesn't have an acceptable translation in Slovak because of different company control structure here.



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