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10th Annual Summer Ice-hockey Camp ended

Created: 8/16/2016
Author: Richard DREISIG
Category: 17/2016

Ice- Hockey Club HC Košice in cooperation with U. S. Steel Košice organized the 10th Annual Summer Ice-Hockey Camp for boys of age 6 – 10 during Aug 03 – 07, 2016. Five days taking camp in the Steel Arena was attended by 46 young ice-hockey talents, and three participants to the project „Your Chance to Play“. The organizers prepared again a mixed program. „Trainings on the Ice Rink in the Steel Arena represented the basis but we dedicated the time also to other activities. The boys attended the traffic training field and learnt how to conduct in the road traffic. We visited the Children Fun Center JAJMO where the boys played football and climbed on various square window ladders. The trainings took place on the Ice Rink but also on the multi-purpose playground and in the gym at the Považska Elementary School. All kids indulged themselves in the program, thus I guess it was very successful,“ Ľubomír Micák, the coach, evaluated the Summer Ice-Hockey Camp.


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