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Scott D. Buckiso joined U. S. Steel in 1990 as a management associate at Mon Valley Works Irvin Plant. From 1990 to 2004, he advanced through a series of increasingly responsible positions in finishing operations at the Irvin Plant, as well as casting at Mon Valley Works' Edgar Thomson Plant in Braddock, Pa., and finishing operations at Great Lakes Works in Ecorse and River Rouge, Mich. 
 In 2004, Mr. Buckiso was named Division Manager of Rolling at Great Lakes Works, and in 2005, he added oversight of the plant's finishing operations to his area of responsibility.
In 2006, he relocated to the Republic of Serbia to serve as General Manager of Finishing at the former U. S. Steel Serbia. Mr. Buckiso returned to North America in 2007 when he was named Plant Manager of U. S. Steel Canada's Lake Erie Works after U. S. Steel completed its acquisition of Canadian steelmaker Stelco Inc. He was appointed Plant Manager - finishing at Gary Works in Gary, Ind., in 2009.
Two years, later, he was named General Manager - Mon Valley Works, with responsibility for operations at four facilities: Edgar Thomson Plant (primary operations) in Braddock, Pa.; Irvin Plant (finishing) in West Mifflin, Pa.; Clairton Plant (coking and coal chemical operation) in Clairton, Pa.; and Fairless Plant (galvanizing) near Philadelphia. 
Mr. Buckiso was appointed to his current position effective June 1, 2015. In this role, he has executive responsibility for the company's operations in the Slovak Republic. Mr. Buckiso is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa., and a 1990 graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Communication and Speech.


Vice President
& Chief
Financial Officer


Silvia Gaálová graduated at the University of Economics in 1997 and earned a master’s degree in Corporate Economics. Her professional career started in the consultancy companies Arthur Andersen and Deloitte. During this period she completed ACCA certification and became a chartered accountant.

Silvia Gaálová joined U. S. Steel Košice in 2002 as an internal auditor, then worked for several months as project manager on foreign acquisitions. From December 2003 she managed the Consolidation and US GAAP reporting department and in 2005 was promoted to General Manager Accounting. In 2017 she served as General Manager Analysis and Statistics. Effective January 12, 2018 she was appointed U. S. Steel Košice Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.



Vice President
and Innovation


David Hathaway joined U. S. Steel in 2000 in plant engineering and has held increasing responsibilities, including engineering positions at U. S. Steel Košice and our former Serbian operations. 
Mr. Hathaway has worked as General Manager - Project Engineering since 2013 and has made substantial contributions to our project execution capabilities, including rebuilding our workforce, improving processes and completing projects.
He has been U. S. Steel Košice Vice President Engineering and Innovation since August 1st, 2015.


Vice President
External Affairs,
and Business

Miroslav Kiraľvarga graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of P. J. Safarik in Košice 1987. Until 1995 he worked at the Physics Department, Technical University Košice, where for two years he was deputy head of department. During the period 1995 - 1997 he worked in turn for Procesna automatizacia VSZ a.s., VSZ Keramika, s.r.o. (General Director’s Assistant) and VSZ a.s. (Vice President’s Office Director). 
Mr. Kiraľvarga was appointed Director of Controlling at Stabilita supplementary retirement insurance company in 1998. Towards the end of 1999 he started work as Senior Manager Personnel and Compensation in the VSZ U. S. Steel, s.r.o. joint venture.
During 1998 - 2000 he took the Master of Business Administration program at the University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business. In November 2000 he was appointed GM Compensation at U. S. Steel Košice. In March 2003 he took the Management Academy Program at U. S. Steel in Pittsburgh. In the same year he became Vice President Human Resources at U. S. Steel Košice. In November 2005 he successfully completed the U. S. Steel Leadership Development Program. He was appointed Vice President External Services and Administration in 2007. 
Mr. Kiraľvarga has been President of the Association of Metallurgy, Mining Industry and Geology of the Slovak Republic, Vice President of the National Employers Association, a member of the Board of Directors of Stabilita, and President of HC Košice ice-hockey club. 
In 2011 Mr. Kiraľvarga relocated to USA and took up the position of General Manager - Global Materials Management and Procurement Support at U. S. Steel headquarters in Pittsburgh.
Effective October 1, 2013 he was appointed Vice President External Affairs, Administration and Business Development U. S. Steel Košice and returned to Slovakia. In 2015 he was elected to the position of President of the National Employers Association.


Vice President



Christian Korn graduated from University of Tübingen, Germany with a German Law Degree in 1979 and completed the Bar Examination in 1982. He also studied Economics at the University for World Trade in Vienna, Austria. 
Mr. Korn started his career in the industry in 1982 with the building products group of Saint Goban. He joined Usinor (now ArcelorMittal) in 1988 and rose through increasing levels of responsibility in the commercial organization from sales director to chief operating officer of the service center organization in Germany and subsequently the service center group in France. In 2002, Mr. Korn accepted the role of chief operating officer for ThyssenKrupp Stahl Service Center Gmbh (Langenfeld,Germany). In this capacity, he was responsible for the business unit, which included markets in Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Eastern Europe. 
In 2009, he joined Essar Steel Europe and was responsible for creating and developing the company’s European sales organization. 
Mr. Korn was named to the current position in July 2012 and assumed responsibility for all commercial activity related to U. S. Steel’s European operations.


Vice President


Marcel Novosad graduated from the Technical University of Košice in 1992. He studied iron and steel production at the Faculty of Metallurgy and in the same year he started working in the former VSZ. He began as a converter operator and in 1993 he became converter shift supervisor in Steel Shop #1. Three years later he took up the position of secondary metallurgy supervisor, and he was briefly converter lines manager. In 2002 he became operation manager for Steel Shop #1 and a year later he was appointed manager for production technology at the Steel Shops Division.
In August 2005 he went to the USA, where he worked in several operations of the United States Steel Corporation. First, he was operations manager at the North Steel Shop at Gary Works, and then in 2006 he was promoted to division manager at the North Steel Shop. In 2007 he accepted the post of Senior Process Leader for converters, ladle furnace and degassing plant at the Edgar Thomson Works. He returned to Košice in 2008, and worked for over a year as Director Blast Furnaces Division. From May 2009 until October 2014 he held the post of General Manager Primary.
He has been U. S. Steel Košice Vice President Operations since November 1st, 2014.


Vice President
and Services



Elena Petrášková graduated from law school at the University of P. J. Safarik in Košice in 1992 and joined VSZ the same year as a litigation attorney. In 1993, she moved to the company’s corporate law section and in 1999 advanced to section. She was appointed an assistant general counsel in U. S. Steel Košice’s law department in 2001 with responsibility for the commercial and corporate sections. 
In 2005, Mrs. Petrášková accepted a one-year assignment in  the law department at U. S. Steel’s corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh. She returned to Slovakia in 2006 to serve once again as an assistant general counsel at U. S. Steel Košice. In 2007, she relocated to Pittsburgh for a second assignment in the corporate law department. In the same year she was appointed attorney - international law. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 2009 with a degree in the Master of Laws Program for Foreign Law Graduates. 
She is Vice President and Chairperson of the Committee for Environmental Matters in the National Union of Employers and also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Metallurgy, Mining and Geology of the Slovak Republic. 
Mrs. Petrášková was appointed to the position Vice President External Services and Administration in 2011. She assumed her position as Vice President Subsidiaries and Services at U. S. Steel Košice in October 2013.


Vice President


Martin Pitorák graduated from the Technical University in Košice, Faculty of Metallurgy in 1981. The same year he started working for VSZ at the Cold Rolling Mill, and worked in that plant until 1994, ultimately as Canning Sheet Production Manager. During 1995 - 1996 he was VSZ OCEL s.r.o. Sales Division Manager. In 1996 he took a retraining course in Production Management at Kansai Productivity Center in Japan. 
For the next two years he was VSZ Nakup s.r.o. Trading Activities Manager as well as VSZ OCEL Quality Department Manager. Since February 1998 he worked as Senior Manager for Personnel Matters and Quality in joint venture VSZ U. S. Steel. From September 1999 until November 2000 he was VSZ a.s Vice President for Human Resources. Prior to his present appointment in 2007 as U. S. Steel Košice Vice President for Human Resources he held the post of U. S. Steel Košice Vice President Labor Relations and Motivation. 
From 2000 to 2005 he served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees in the Sidéria-Istota Health Insurance Company, and since January 1st 2007 he has been a member of the Supervisory Board of the Dôvera Health Insurance Company.


Vice President


Richard C. Shank, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, joined U. S. Steel in 2010 as Director of Global IT Infrastructure.
Before joining United States Steel, Mr. Shank worked as an Information Technology leader for a large, global healthcare provider. He was responsible for IT operations, mergers and acquisitions, and IT systems consolidation. Prior to healthcare, he worked in the banking sector, focused on delivering innovative technology and IT security solutions.
In 2012, Mr. Shank was appointed Director, IT Facility Infrastructure Support with responsibility for IT infrastructure at all of the United States Steel operating facilities. He assumed his current position in August 2015.
Mr. Shank received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Phoenix with a focus on global management.


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