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Blast furnace slag processing project scores highly

Created: 3/2/2016
Author: -rd-
Category: 05/2016

Awards were presented last week for the best projects from the fourth quarter of 2015 also in the section of Vice President Subsidiaries and External Services  Elena Petrášková. First place was taken by the project entitled Processing blast furnace slag, developed jointly by Jozef Verešpej, Ivan Ľapin, Štefan Ivan, Ján Majtner, Andrea Čurillová, Marián Egry, Marta Valentínová and Marián Chudík.

The members of this multi-functional team focused on reducing costs incurred in the processing of blast furnace slag. This is normally the responsibility of the subsidiary company RMS, but the successful implementation of this particular project, which has already produced valuable savings for U. S. Steel Košice, also involved the cooperation of USSK Procurement Department, the unit of GM Strategic Raw Materials, Commercial Division, as well as the Blast Furnaces Division.


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