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Highlights of 02/2012

Created: 1/30/2012
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 02/2012

Death of Power Engineering employee

Last Friday afternoon, January 13, an employee of the Power Engineering Division died at U. S. Steel Kosice. The forty-nine year old operator was found by workmates lying inside the gas booster station at the Hot Rolling Mill. How this incident happened, and whether it is a case of occupational injury, is being investigated by the police, the National Work Inspectorate, USSK Occupational Safety and Health Department and the KOVO U. S. Steel Kosice trade union organization.

USS Corporation top managers at USSK

Last Friday, January 13, U. S. Steel Kosice was visited by representatives of the Corporation's executive management George F. Babcoke, James D. Garraux, Joseph R. Scherrbaum, Jr. and Anton Lukac. At his meeting with Company managers, Senior Vice President - Europe & Global Operations Services George F. Babcoke acknowledged the results achieved by the Kosice steelworks last year in the field of occupational safety and health protection, which were the best in the history of the Corporation. He also observed that the year 2011 was similarly successful in the environmental field. The environmental goals set are often more demanding than the levels required by the legislation, and moreover the internal limits are effectively reduced year on year, thus gradually minimizing the environmental impact of steel production. At the meeting there was also discussion about how to further improve activities mainly concerning customer relations.

Cokery without injury last year and among the "millionaires" this year

The Cokery Division has joined the others in U. S. Steel Kosice which for a whole year have not recorded any occupational injury subject to classification in line with the US legislation (OSHA). The Cokery achieved this last year, which has gone down in the Division's history as an injury-free year. The start to the new year has also gone well. On January 6, 2012 the Division passed the milestone of a million injury-free employee-hours worked.

Steel Plants successfully deal with risk management

Last year the Steel Plants Division became one of the first in U. S. Steel Kosice to renew the risk management project dating from 2005. Risk issues are dealt with by a specially-created team of employees. Last year the steelmakers managed to markedly reduce and reclassify the total number of risks at the Steel Plants. Unacceptable risk was reduced to zero and eliminated.

Converter has new lining and vapor hood

For ten days now the medium overhaul of oxygen converter no.4 has been going on in Steel Plant 2, which is the first of this year's planned overhauls in the Steel Plants Division. The project started on January 9. The main jobs in this renovation are the replacement of the vapor hood and fitting of a new refractory lining in the converter.


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